We are a generation of yoga lovers. Whether you’re a yoga doer or yoga keep-meaning-to-doer, practise in a Bikram studio or on a towel beside your sofa, yoga is no longer a lifestyle fad but a  way of life. But combining mind, body and spirt through exercise and meditation is not without its challenges, most pressingly, what exactly do you wear on your journey to spiritual awakening? Surely a pair of Primark or H&M leggings with dubiously ethical origins is at odds with a  search for peace and contentment? But then again, those harem trousers that are so fragrant with hemp that you’re a walking search warrant just don’t cut it in the style stakes.

The question is, why should we have to sacrifice ethics for stylish yoga leggings? And the answer is Yoga Democracy. Environmentally friend, ethically sound and sustainable produced aren’t exactly the sexiest words in the style vocabulary, but it’s absolute gems like Yoga Democracy that are changing that, one gorgeous garment at a time. A treasure trove for any yoga lover (or must-get-round-to-booking-a-class yoga lover come to that), Yoga Democracy produces some of the most colourful, stylish prints I’ve ever seen on sportswear.

Dia De Los Muertos Yoga Leggings

Designs include everything from subdued stripes and abrstract watercolours to full on explosions of colour and digital print. My favourites are the Dia De Los Muertos leggings, with Mexican Day of the Dead inspired sugar skulls on a turquoise base. Too good just for the studio, with prints like these Yoga Democracy will be sneaking from the sportswear to everyday sections of your wardrobe. These vibrant colours come at no cost to the planet and printed leggings are dyed using non-toxic dyes in a low-engery, zero-water process.

Based in Arizona, every pair of leggings in sewn in workshops in Arizona and California, with an outstanding zero-tolerance policy towards sweatshop production. Made from 95% recycled fibres , any nylons are made from 65% recycled sources, including everything from fishing nets to carpets. Each pair of polyester leggings is made from no less than 78% recycled polyester, that’s the equivalent of 12 plastic water bottles per pair. Half a dozen recycled water bottles on each leg? Well, that’s one way to get a six pack.


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